Invest Plus Dollar

Have peace of mind against the unforeseen with our Protection plans

Together, we grow your money for a prosperous and protected Life.

Maximize the potential of your dollar investment and get lifetime protection that's convenient for you.

Invest Plus Dollar provides higher earning potential for your dollar investment and guaranteed protection. Policyholders may top up money anytime to increase coverage and potential earnings.

For as low as $5,000, you get this single pay-life insurance product and these benefits.

High Potential Returns

  • Participate in both local & foreign income funds
  • Increase your investment through top-up premium
  • Receive professional fund management by BPI Asset Management & Trust Group

Top-up Feature

  • Build up your investment anytime through additional premiums called top-ups

Guarantee Life Protection

  • Provides guaranteed life insurance coverage equivalent to 125% of single premium plus 125% of top-ups less 125% of each partial withdrawal of the Account Value, whichever is higher.

*This product will be issued under GIO by default provider that the application satisfies the GIO limits.
*The Life Insurance coverage for the 2 years may be reduced according to the provision of Guaranteed Insurability Endorsement (GIE).

The Invest Plus Dollar Advantage

  • Single Pay Dollar denominated variable life
  • Allows you to invest in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments
  • Provided plan is in force; it protects your investment as much as it protects the investor until age 100
  • Allows for top-ups and withdrawals
  • Loyalty Bonus on the 10th year and every 5 years thereafter
  • Receive professional fund management by BPI Investment Management, Inc. with financial advisory services provided by Bank of the Philippine Islands through the Asset Management & Trust Group (BPI-AMTG).

Issue Ages

0-65 years old


US Dollar

Minimum Premium

$5,000 (0-60) years old


$10,000 (61-65) years old

Minimum Regular Top-up Premium


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